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Therapist masseur near me Mallorca

Javier Capó

After more than 10 years giving massage and learning different techniques from masters around the world I create my own style and selection. Ultra Relaxing massage is my best creation.

With FreeStyle massage we can make this treatments for you or a combination of them , as you wish :

Relaxing massageDeep Tissue Massage, Osteopathy thecniques, sports massage,  Chinese medicine basic, Thai massage, shiatsu, energetic healing massage, reflexology, …

Im a Giver , I touch with full respect, consciousness  and taking care of you , Im intuitive , I listen your real need and I adapt my work for you. People say I have a gift and my hands are magic.

Also, I,m a COACH , massage course TEACHER and i organize Detox Retreats and healthy workshops.